About Mr Treloar

I am an open-minded‭, ‬easygoing individual‭ ‬who leads an active‭ life and constantly seeks new experiences and challenges‭.

I love hiking and camping and live in Langford with my wife Shelley, son Ethan, and our Golden Mountain Dog Chloe.


  • Bachelor of Education With Distinction (2009) Middle Years, University of Victoria.
  • Bachelor of Science (2006) Psychology, University of Victoria.


  • Enjoy many sports including basketball, swimming, tennis, badminton, triathlon, weight-lifting, snowboarding, and wakeboarding.
  • Travelling, reading, cooking, camping, hiking, motorcycling, technology, music, and photography.

Teaching Beliefs Highlights

  • Meaningful‭, ‬respectful‭ ‬relationships with students‭ ‬are‭ ‬paramount to good teaching‭.‬
  • A teacher must be a strong role model‭, ‬both in the classroom and in the community‭.‬
  • Learning‭ ‬environments should be safe‭, ‬stimulating‭, ‬and encourage‭ ‬intellectual risks‭.‬
  • Continuous formative assessment and feedback promote‭ ‬critical thought‭ ‬and confidence‭.‬
  • Frequent communication with parents‭/‬guardians is‭ ‬important and in the best interest of the‭ ‬student‭.‬